Cold War Rearmed² v1.01 released!

This Modification is the result of around 5 years of development and thousands of hours spent by countless people working on this Project in their spare free time. Without their dedication, and the generous model donations of many people this giant project could have never finished.

This is the end of CWR² Development. We may provide fixes for critical problems though.
I will continue the Mod as a private project. I may or may not share the changes and additions I make. And if I do, they are released as single pbo files and maybe even without documentation.

I’m sure that even without further development, our fans and followers will have many hours of fun and good memories with what we have achieved in the past years. Me and the team (or what’s left of it) surely do.

Finally, I want to say thanks again to all the skilled people who contributed to our Mod, be it for years or just a one-time-fix. Without you, we would have never achieved the high quality Mod as it is now.
Thanks also to our many contributors who allowed us to use their work in CWR². Especially the guys from CSLA Mod, Robert Hammer and vilas.

Last but not least, thanks to Ivan Buchta who often helped us with his knowledge when we were stuck with some problem. Who provided us required models while his colleagues just ignored us. We owe you, too.

For Downloads, see the Download page or visit our thread @

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  • JackFrench on March 4, 2015 at 17:00 said:

    a big thank you for all the work done.
    I spent many hours playing with this MOd that remains for me a reference.

    Thank you again