CWR² Women Expansion

It took much longer than expected, and at some point we were not sure if we can ever deliver them. But now the time has come, today we proudly present the long expected CWR² Women Expansion.

These fine ladies can drive cars, fly planes and fire their weapons at you like their male counterparts do.
Never seen a female flying a Hind gunship and hunting you down? Now you will.
Never been killed by a female sniper? Now you will, too.

Almost all credit goes to von Knudenberg who spent many months on these ladies. And if he would have hair, they would have cost him a lot of them! 🙂
Thanks also goes to Imari for assistance with the textures.
And last but not least: A special thanks to our wifes and girlfriends for their nerves, patience and motivation in the past years. They are the true stars of Cold War Rearmed²!

Now, it’s time for you to meet Aino, Alina, Cleo, Darja, Ilona, Inge, Monique, Olga and Tina!
They wait for you at the Downloads page.

Please, take a few minutes and read the included Documentation!

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