Fix for missing Winter units

Note: If you already downloaded this fix, please download it one more time cause as it always is with ArmA: Fix one problem, create two new ones in return. The earlier pbo’s caused rpt entries about duplicated entries.

This update hopefully should fix the problem with a missing “cwr2_humans_w” addon some people have. It also should fix the mysterious missing helmet texture that has been reported.

Please contact us when there are still problems with missing addons in your (Winter)Missions. There should be no need for you to fix your missions when we broke it by changing/updating the Mod. 🙂

You can find the update in this Google drive folder.

Background: While moving the Winter units from an external addon to core CWR², it wasn’t considered that with this move, the addon name (cwr2_humans_w) is gone too. ArmA2 missions are storing all used addons in the mission file, and when that addon is no more present the mission doesn’t load.

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