Cold War Rearmed² v1.02a

This is Cold War Rearmed² v1.02a. This new version will be the last one for quite some time. There might be updates and fixes but you can consider this one stable. A changelog is included in the archive and can also be seen here.

I will not fix any nonsense or nitpicking glitches in this version anymore. If something is not perfect, then that’s the way it is. Of course I will fix gamebreaking – read again : gamebreaking – issues. If I can reproduce them that is. Mysterious “bugs screwing up missions” which are reported without rpt and mission files are simply ignored and considered spam.

With this new version, all other versions have been removed and are obsolete. I will not support any version except this one. If you decide to stick with a previous one, you’re on your own now.

This version is hosted exclusively at our website, at and MEGA. Any other mirrors are inofficial and we can not guarantee that Downloads from other sources than the ones above are up to date or genuine.
Cold War Rearmed² must not be mirrored at – if you find this version there, please contact us immediately, thanks!

Also with this version, the version numbers are gone. I now use the build date as version (in format ddmmyy). If you run into an Expansion with a version number in the filename, ignore it as it is most probably not compatible with CWR² 1.02.

I hope you like what’s in there for you, go and find out here.

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