Regarding bug reports

In the past days I had to deal with several comments, emails or private messages with ‘bug reports’ like in below samples:

– SA-13 bugs with driver hatch
– Bugs with DShK on tanks
– Bugs with hands on weapons
– Bugs with GP-25 view on AK’s
– Bugs with US boat (hands etc)


“this update totally broke the game for me. everything was fine before this update, but once i installed it every mission broke. i cant start anything because it gives me an error about some russian soldier helmet texture and then “no entry .modelOptics”. please delete this update from the website. thanks!”

Both examples are completely pointless. They doesn’t help anything with identifying problems, let alone solving them. The first at least was pointing me to some of the issues.

Since I work alone on this giant Mod, and my time and motivation is very limited nowadays I don’t have nerves do deal with bored to death children or people not interested in providing detailed information, or even worse people trying to badmouth the Mod cause they’re jealous.

So from this day, I only accept detailed bug reports in which you exactly describe what the problem is, where it happened and/or what you expected to happen.
If CWR² v1.02 is breaking your mission (which it shouldn’t since no classes has been changed), or If you get an on-screen error message about something missing:
Provide the rpt file and mission you were playing at the time the error occured.
Bug reports like in the two above examples, or without rpt file/mission are simply ignored by me now. Or in case of example #2 are considered spam and are dealt with accordingly.
Stop wasting my little free time, thanks!

In the past 15 years I’ve seen more awesome WIP missions than you probably will ever see, so there’s no need to be afraid about sending me your top-secret mission. 😉

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