CWR² West German Expansion Build 270316

Thunderstrike76 recently reported a lot of issues with this Expansion and even more suggestions for improvements. Today I finally release a new update for the West German Army Expansion.

As always, the new version can be downloaded here.
This update, as well as all other CWR² Files must not be hosted at!


Fixed M113 Tracks
Exchanged LRRP Leader and Marksman models
Removed glowing texture/material from Leopard 1 and 2
Removed glowing texture/material from G.91
Soldier unarmed is really unarmed now
Paratrooper Rifleman (Beret) has correct Beret color
Reduced wax from the G.91, shouldn’t ‘glow’ no more now
M109 upper tracks now moving with damper
Paratrooper Medic had wrong bag
Updated portrait picture for the Mechanic
Crew wearing same beret as Officer so textures can be shared
Fixed Belt on Winter Units as best as I could
Added “Rifleman (Beret)”
Added “Rifleman (Patrol)”
Fixed Hatpin on Officer on Crew
Fixed Tracks not moving with damper on Leopard 2 and M109
Added more hatpins in “cwr2\expansions\cwr2_bw\hatpins” folder
New model for the Mechanic
Paratrooper Medic has medic armband
All beret colors used by the german army added
All beret pins used by the german army added
M109 is now using the M119 as gun so the thing works with the Arty Module



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