Cold War Rearmed² v1.5

This is Cold War Rearmed² v1.5 – and end of the line.

This version was actually planned for the 15th anniversary of OFP back in June (hence 1.5). I then realized that not even the Bohemians are coming up with something special and so I thought by myself “what the eff” and spent the summer outside and forgot about BI, ArmA and even CWR². 🙂
One day, when asked if there will be a new version I said “at my current speed, maybe Christmas”, and shortly after I thought “why not”. And so here we are.
But this is definitely the last release. I spent 10 years on this Modification now and even more time and money on BI games. Only to be slapped in the face and kicked in the ass in return. But that’s another idiotic story. Enough is enough, and since I haven’t played ArmA or CWR² since a long time anyway, it’s time for me to go.

There’s not much new content, but there are a lot of little details I changed either because I didn’t liked them or people reported in the past. Some more units have been added (Russian and US soldiers in Desert variants).
The AK rifles from RobertHammer have been removed again and replaced by the old ones because they were too modern for the 80’s.
The Resistance has a new machine gun (UK-59) and the retarded “beep beep” sound after each radio message has been replaced with something more suitable.
The Resistance, Soviet Spetsnaz and some civilian units now featuring random textures, something I wanted to have since years but never figured how to get it done. Now finally the Resistance looks like real partisans and not like some Army running around in all the same Swiss camo pattern.
The crappy PMC and ACR Expansions are no more required for the Modification and its Expansions. However, BAF (lite) is still required for the UK and some other Expansions.

I’m pretty sure you all like what you find at the Downloads page.
A more or less complete changelog can be found here.

Merry Christmas, stay safe and enjoy this fine Modification as long as possible.


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