Ia Trang Terrain

Okay, I have one more thing – last one now.

This is the “Ia Trang” Terrain from the Nam Pack 2 originally made by Ebud, Bibmi, Eviscerator and SelectThis for Operation Flashpoint.
I had the idea to recreate it for nostalgia reasons. It’s not really a (more or less) portrait of the real thing but as said, an attempt to bring back something I had endless hours of fun with back in the old days.
And yes, I know that it’s spelled “Ia Drang”, but I decided to keep the original name. First because there is already a terrain around with this name, second because it was spelled like this originally.

Supposed to be kept private, I now decided to release this because Jakerod spent a fair amount of his free time in helping me out with this and it would be a shame if it’s only used by one person.
Eventually some of you will make use of this and have some fun, especially when used with the excellent Unsung Vietnam War Modification.


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