RIP Paul ‘Bushlurker’ Pelosi

It makes me sad to post this but I was told that over the weekend, the good guy we know as Bushlurker passed away.

Paul was a legend when it comes to terrains in the Armaverse. If Paul didn’t know the answer or a solution, then probably no one knew it. And boy, he was a patient teacher. No matter how busy he was, he always found time to explain things, write a tutorial or even solves the problem on behalf of the person seeking help. There are not many like him, that’s for sure.

I enjoyed his terrain work ever since he made the first attempts. And I was very glad to have him in the CWR² team as he eventually saved the project. Because without Paul there maybe would be no Malden, or only a crappy and bugged to hell terrain. For some strange reason, the AI refused to drive on the roads. Now with this splendid engine this is nothing new, but it was really bad because they just ignored the roads completely. I must have spent weeks in checking everything, and placing the road network from scratch twice.
Then Paul joined and had a look. At first, he had no idea either because everything just looked fined. He then decided to make the whole terrain from scratch and see, the ‘artificial idiocy’ decided to use the roads.
And then there was my fancy idea to port the ‘VBS1 Intro terrain’ to ArmA2, known as ‘Elephant Island’. As if he wasn’t busy already with his own and CWR² projects, I lured him into that one as well. And in the end, he not only created the terrain textures. He created them twice – at least – because he never was happy with some aspects. And he made the logo, and the roads too. He was not only a patient mentor. He was a freakin’ perfectionist as well! 🙂

In the past year I lost contact to Paul, now this makes me angry because I never had the chance to talk with him again. I will miss our nightly discussions on Skype going on for hours. Not only about terrain editing, or missions from the old days but also about everything else in life.

Once again I lost a mentor, a fellow Mod team member and a good friend. Paul is at a better place now, and he lives on in his terrain tutorials, his beautiful terrains and last but not least in the memories of those who had the pleasure to work with him or were able to create their projects with his help.

My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in peace my friend, thanks for all you have done. You will not be forgotten.

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  • Thomas Schwarz on January 11, 2017 at 08:07 said:

    Rest in peace Paul. I never knew you, but your work gave me numberless hours of enjoying your terrains.
    Thomas Schwarz aka Kuro

  • Jon on January 17, 2017 at 10:26 said:

    Rest in Peace Paul, i too never knew you but anyone who has ever worked in the Armaverse is always greatly respected in my book. Thanks for everything you have given us.

    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    Jon aka Law-Giver