CWR² v1.5 : Fallen Warriors Edition

Always when you think everything is set and done, some drama happens and you have change your plans. When our good friend and walking terrain editing guide Bushlurker passed away in January I decided that something has to be done. Simply because good boy Paul did so much not only for this Modification but for myself and so many other people in the community.

By chance I ran into Uro’s “Memorial to the Fallen” and he was so kind to share the model with me so it can be used as a permanent memorial on our terrains.
I had to edit it slightly because the fire is not burning when the model is “hard-placed” in the terrain so the fire is replaced with some flowers. The original model is included as editor object of course.

While on it, I also fixed a small script error in our buildings and the Soviet Desert units.

If you have downloaded CWR² v1.5 before February 11th, please get the main Modification and all Expansion terrains again (except Winter ones).

Thanks to Uro for the kind model donation, and of course to our fallen Warriors for all they did for us. We owe you, big time!

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