Regarding the recent website ‘hack’

Some days ago, some clown ‘hacked’ this site (or better the WordPress behind it) and replaced the ‘Fallen Warriors post’ with some Peshmerga bullsh*t. I removed the post and today recovered the original post. Just mentioned so no one wonders why the post is made again.

The files on the server are not modified, nor are at the download links. But to be safe, I replaced the files hosted here with local copies.

To check if you have the latest versions, check the terrains for the new ‘Fallen Warriors monument’ at these locations:
Everon : In Morton, near the church
Saint Adam : In front of the big church
Canard : In Saint Michael, near the church
Saint David : In Saint David, opposite the church
Drachenfels : Eastern part of the village
Eilte : Near the river, in front of the church
Poseidon : In Vadheim, in front of the church

If you have no monument there but just a fountain, go and grab the Mod and Expansion terrains again. 🙂

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