CWR² v1.6

Aye! Yet another big update is on the way. It was necessary after it was discovered that an “AI upgrade” in v1.5 actually made them even more retarted than they already were. 🙂
So in v1.6 all AI will be back to default ArmA2 scripts and behavior. While testing some stuff it was also discovered that several armor values were just too strong or vehicles being invulnerable to some ammunition at all.
In the end, also quite some additional weapons and vehicles were added.

At this point I must thank Batteriefuhrer for sharing a hell lot of ideas on how to improve the Mod even more and for spending hours and hours on testing armor and penetration values. Thanks mate!

I’ll share the preview version with my beta testers and if all goes well, it will be released very soon.
The expansions (except terrains) must be updated as well. This will be done after the Mod release one by one.

Finally, a (most probably incomplete) changelog can be checked out here.

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  • Triboli on January 11, 2019 at 17:38 said:

    Awesome, CWR2 keeps on rocking!! =)
    Be aware of (old A2 (from cole?)) vapour trails – they are buggy + rpt spammy. Use -showScriptErrors for testing & trials.
    There is also an visual (LOD?Alpha channel?) bug on TL/SL officers cap sign – you can see/identify them from far away. In close distance its not visible.
    Stay cool and keep on rocking!!! *insertHardRockMusic*

    • W0lle on January 13, 2019 at 18:14 said:

      Nope, it’s the stock A2/OA vapour trails: ‘ca\data\particleeffects\scripts\misc\aircraftvapour.sqf’
      Don’t know if they are causing problems any problems and that’s why they are not used by default.

      I’m aware of the LOD bugs on the caps/insignias. I removed them from all LODs except the first one. Hopefully that’s making the problem go away.

  • Marcus Roessler on January 14, 2019 at 16:34 said:

    Wonderful, that cwr2 is still alive. It is my favourite ArmA II Mod (and constantly in use). So let me say “weiter so”.

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