CWR² Weapons v1.62 BETA

Recently some people reported issues with the sound settings in v1.6 (and thus in v1.5).

In this BETA build of the weapon config, I replaced all sound effects (like impacts, whizzling etc) with the default ones from ArmA2.
I have not replaced any rifle/gun sounds like shooting, reloading etc. and I will not replace them, no matter what.

The file can be found here. To install:
Simply open the archive and extract the included @cwr2_v16 folder into your ArmA2 installation. When asked to replace files, confirm this.

If you’re interested in testing please check the following aspects:
1) Sound effects like whizzing and impacts
2) Sounds from silenced weapons, especially from a distance
3) Any errors that may occur

Feedback please at the known email, as this makes tracking much easier for me.

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