Patch Day – June 6, 2019

Today, the following files and Expansions have been updated:
CWR² Characters
CWR² Weapons
CWR² Everon Defense Forces
CWR² Malden Defense Forces

Weapons 1.62
FIXED RPK fire mode
CHNGD AKS-74U handgrip texture
CHNGD All weapon sound parameters are reverted to as they were in v1.5

Characters 1.62
CHNGD Some characters had no gear attached in first person view
FIXED Spetsnaz had no wounded texture

Everon Defense Forces 1.61
FIXED Wrong/Non-existing rifles in crates

Malden Defense Forces 1.61
CHNGD Removed Pistols when carried as secondary weapon

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One comment

  • GoodOG on June 9, 2019 at 18:09 said:

    Thank you for keeping good ol’CWR2 updated!!
    Did a quick skirmish around and noticed that the bullet sound fx of incoming fire (whizzing, zipping, crackling) is like 3-5 notches too loud. Had to adjust general A2OA sound fx down by half. IIRC these sounds are dangerously “quiet” which makes them so scarry. Unless you watch a action flick from Michael Bay and/or Jerry Bruckheimer and their SFX gallore…