CWR² Weapons and Characters Update

I today updated Characters to v1.62 and Weapons to v1.63.

In Characters I only added a (hidden) class name which caused an error with the “Last War” Mission package.

In Weapons I have reverted the bullet effect sounds to ArmA2 ones.
I’ve also added a M102 artilellery piece I found in an old donations archive. And if the Americans get an M102, the Soviets also need something similar so they have a custom D-30 available now.

Finally I decided to make 8 rifles available which I’ve added in v1.6 already. I made them for my personal use but I think that eventually they would be handy for someone else as well. So with this version the American SF can go into battle with shiny new XR-47 and XR-74 rifles. 🙂

Both updates can be found at the v1.6 downloads page.

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