CWR² Expansion : KGB/VV Spetsnaz

This Expansion started back in May or June 2019 when Batteriefuhrer approached me, asking if I could ‘quickly’ slap together some KGB Spetsnaz made from the BI sample models.

A rather easy copy&paste job I thought. And it was – at least until Batteriefuhrer ran into the Altyn Helmets Addon for ArmA3.
Some day he came and told me that he got permission to use them and started selection of the required models. From that point on it went fubar.
Getting the helmets right was a job for well a week if not more. But that wasn’t enough. He also came up with the idea of random KLMK suits, which he tweaked and improved for quite some time.

Now, the time for the planned release came closer and everything looked good finally. Release? My a$$!

Suddenly he had the idea of adding custom Mi-8 helicopters with different weapon loads and cargo capacity. Getting them done was a real pain, and only back in November they were finally fixed.
The biggest problem with them and in general was his damn eye for detail, I don’t know how one can be that tedious about something you won’t even notice when playing the Mod.
But well, perfectionism was always the reason for delayed releases ever since this Mod started back in the early ArmA days. 🙂

Meanwhile, I got the okay from soul_assassin to use their BTR-70 for CWR². A wonderful model – which had serious issues detected only a week prior to the final, final release. There was just no time to check out the new model thoroughly in between all the other tasks.
Slowly I got sick of all this, and now I can sit down and fix the damn tires and smaller glitches. Great!

And after the Mi-8s – which long time were not only for the KGB guys but for every faction in the Mod – he came up with adding Kamaz trucks! And custom UAZs. And new textures for all of them (of course)!

The planned release was for Christmas. That came and gone. And what ‘The Russian’ does? He mentioned that the VDV guys should wear jump helmets instead of steel helmets.
Jump helmets? There was something – vilas sent me VDV units many many years back when CWR² started. And one of them had a jump helmet on.
So… I replaced the helmets to please my Master. 😀
And he – meant that the VDV overalls are not correct either and made new ones. All this 24h before the release. I had to hold back the VDV guys because he was still fixing the textures and I the models.

And If I wouldn’t have told him several times to come to an end – we would adding Soviet stuff by December 2020!
Serious advise: If you ever get the pleasure working with Batteriefuhrer:
If he mentions an ‘easy’ job: Better be warned and prepared for anything but easy. 🙂

Getting these guys and their equipment done was a tough job. But we got it done in the end. It was frustrating sometimes, and often interesting too as I learn a lot about Soviet Army stuff, vehicles, uniforms and more by working on it. Guess that was worth it in the end.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here they are – the ‘bloody hands of Moscow’.

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