CWR² Weapons v1.62 BETA

Recently some people reported issues with the sound settings in v1.6 (and thus in v1.5). In this BETA build of the weapon config, I replaced all sound effects (like impacts, whizzling etc) with the default ones from ArmA2.I have not

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Patch Day – June 6, 2019

Today, the following files and Expansions have been updated:CWR² CharactersCWR² WeaponsCWR² Everon Defense ForcesCWR² Malden Defense Forces Weapons 1.62FIXED RPK fire modeCHNGD AKS-74U handgrip textureCHNGD All weapon sound parameters are reverted to as they were in v1.5 Characters 1.62CHNGD Some

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CWR² Weapons v1.61

This update fixes several issues with weapons in v1.6 as well as adding new ones. FIXED M16A2 burst soundFIXED M3A1 was using pistol magazinesFIXED ZSU-23 cannon now fires green tracersFIXED GAU-8 fire modeFIXED 9M120 (AT-9) reload time was too longADDED

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