British Armed Forces v1.10

Another update for our British Expansion, which is addressing a couple of smaller issues. Also some minor improvements have been made. CHNGD – Landrover map icons FIXED : FV101 commander ‘get in’ point was missing FIXED : SAS Operatives no

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Austrian Armed Forces v1.03

Another update for the Austrians: ADDED : VW 181 by cubus/Marseille77 CHNGD : Added custom commandbar icons for SL, TL, Officer and Medic FIXED : Pistol holding anims should be all fixed now See the downloads page for the new version.

Austrian Armed Forces v1.02

One more update for the Austrians, last one hopefully! ADDED : UN Medic FIXED : Hitglass1-4 rpt warnings removed FIXED : Weapon holding anims optimized FIXED : Pinzgauer UN Textures mismatch in lower LODs FIXED : Parts of backpack where

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Fixed Expansion Missions

We fixed some of the Missions included in our Expansions. You can find the archive with them here. Thanks for reporting the issues and to OMAC for quickly fixing and improving “Neveklov Rebellion”!

Canard Island updated to v1.03

We just updated Canard Island to v1.03 to fix the reported wrong terrain shape. What the eff happened? While exporting the Drachenfels terrain from !splendid Visitor3, the terrain was accidently exported into the Canard Project folder. Sorry for the inconvenience

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