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  • Danny3101Ger on April 5, 2019 at 19:15 said:

    Hello to the team

    Cold War Rearmed 2 is a great expansion.
    But there are some things which are some people probably miss.
    In the west german army expansion pack are the Gebirgsjaeger or Mountain Infantry missing.
    It would be great when you can develope them.
    Their soldiers include Officers wear the so called Mountain Cap which looks similar to the famous M43 Field Cap.
    You could develope a script fo the west german army expansion which change the berrets to M43 Caps in Field grey for the most ground troops like the Jaeger or infantry, Panzergrenadiere or Mechanized Infantry, Feldjaeger (the german military police) and in black for the battle tank and tank destroyer crews.
    And you could put some World War 2 weapons for the guerilla fractions in the packs like the American Thompson submachinegun models (M1928A1 with handcover and foregrip and 20 and 30 round boxmagazine and 50 rounds drum magazine and M1 and M1A1), the british STEN-Gun (in MK II MK III and MK V) and the soviet or russian Shpagin PPSH 41 with 35 round curve magazine and 71 round drum magazine and Sudayev PPS 43 and the Mosin-Nagant M1891/31 as a sniper rifle.
    At the M3A1 SMG I recognized a mistake that the magazines are in the secondary ammo slots and not i the primary’s even though the M3A1 is a primary weapon. That should be corrected.
    At the Pilots of all fractions should be two kind of pilots for Rotary Wing (Helicopters) and Fixed Wing (Airplanes) and the fixed wing pilots for combat airplanes shoult have oxygen masks and the pilots for cargo planes should have headsets. That looks more realistic.
    And the new weapons should be listed in the the lists but i think the lists will become updated.

    Greets from a German CWR2 Fan

    • W0lle on April 5, 2019 at 21:15 said:

      Sounds all good – if I would have as much time as I had before. And if there would be a Mod team like before.
      But CWR² is a one man army now, and with luck I find enough time to fix what needs to be fixed and what else must be done. So no way there will be any chance to add anything like Gebirgsjäger or fixed wing pilots. The latter simply because it’s nothing than eye-candy.
      All the new stuff that has been added will make it to the documentation. However, sometimes I just forget about it. In which case it’s just fine to remember me on that again. 🙂

      The M3A1 magazine issue has been fixed, the weapon classnames have been updated.

  • Danny3101Ger on April 6, 2019 at 01:11 said:

    There are some things which i have fogotten.
    At the M16 Rifles you could add the M16A1 and M16A2 with and without the M203 with cross-hair-scope and red-dot-sight and the MP5 in versions MP5A2 with fixed buttstock and with semi- and full-auto firemode and MP5A3 with retractable buttstock and the versions SD2 and SD3 which are the silenced version of A2 and A3.
    The FAL in version 50-00 with fixed buttstock which looks similar to the british L1A1 rifle and the austrian StG58 Assault Rifle and in version 50-64 with foldable buttstock.
    And the combat Aircrafts should have air-to air-missiles too.

  • RSnicker on April 9, 2019 at 19:21 said:

    Greetz W0lle and a big THANK YOU!!
    Found some issues/bugs:
    A) Air-to-Ground missiles are slowly loading and getting ready to fire again after one missile is fired, like someone is manually loading them in midair

    B) AI should be not that trigger happy with heavy AT like CarlGustav, AT-4 and M47 (armored vehicles should have priority over a single soldier)

    C) M47Dragon needs a straight launch because AI still can’t figure out the proper aimpoint/trajectory of those “downdipping after launch” rockets/missiles

    D)Please(!) no handguns/pistols (or SigPi, HK69) for AI – they are still unable to switch back to their primary weapon aka rifle, gamebreaker by BIS needs a global “AI NoHandguns” workaround script/addon/module 🙁

    in some Expansion weapon crates are missing (light) machineguns and marksman rifles
    in some Expansion launcher crates are missing AT/AA launchers
    in some Expansion Weapon + Ammo + Special Weapon crates the M203s and GP25s are misplaced – there are no rifles for it
    Special Weapon crates could have some NVGs, Laserdesignators and other items

    F) FN FALO (LMG) has no “auto/full” fire mode

    G) MBT sound/visual fx are a bit too low when they explode and secondaries (ammo) aswell, (AI) Crew should die and not jump out with no or low damage – catastrophic kill should be deadly.

    H) while flying I get something like “error something with _lemmiter variable not defined or unknown”

    I) Glass on some cockpit gauges and HUD is “shiny-blinding” should be clear with special fx

    J) BulletSoundFX are too loud and reverb-y kinda like in a big building/cave not in open terrain, Bradleys autocannon impact sounds sound more like a natural (rain)thunder.

    Guess there are always some things to tweak and Hot-Fix – One (issue) Down, Two (more bugs) in command – Its Armaaaaaaaaa…. Don’t Worry, Be Happy 😉

    • W0lle on April 9, 2019 at 21:27 said:


      Thanks for your feedback, exactly what is needed to improve this fine Mod even more! Have added these points to my list and will see what can be done! 🙂

      Re. D: Most units should not carry pistols anymore for exactly that reason. Unfortunately, the Bohemians never bothered to fix that.
      Re. F: Will be fixed in v1.61 of the Expansion
      Re. G: Not sure if that’s fixable in a Mod or hardcoded by the glorious engine.
      Re. H: Never experienced that error in all the years, but will see if I can find out what that is about.

  • Danny3101Ger on April 9, 2019 at 20:22 said:

    Which file must be replaced to fix that bug with the M3A1?
    In the weapons list the M3A1 is is not included.

    • W0lle on April 9, 2019 at 21:29 said:

      None. Because I have not yet released the fix. And I have no idea when my busy life will allow that. So just live with that for as long as it takes.
      Same goes for the documentation. It will be updated if and when I have time for that.

  • angus on April 12, 2019 at 22:25 said:

    First of all thank you for the update, it’s great to play this game again. I wanted to point out that the m16 in burst fire mode only plays a single gunshot sound.

    • W0lle on April 13, 2019 at 20:59 said:

      And it’s great to see that so many people still playing this Mod. 🙂

      M16 burst sound and various other weapon issues are fixed, but I wait with the update some more time to see if more issues are popping up.

  • Danny3101Ger on April 20, 2019 at 22:30 said:

    I’ve found another mistake at the west german army expansion
    At the Paratroopers you’ve forgotten the G3A4/HK79.
    And I have some some suggestions what you could also do.
    For the ammo of the under-barrel grenadelaunchers you could try to make a belt with a capacity of 12 rounds and a vest with with a capacity of 24 rounds which occupies four ammo slots so an unit has more grenadelauncher ammo than only eight grenades. At the times of OFP Ballistic Addon Studios has made those things at the JAM Addon. And the UZI submachinegun has magazines with capacities of 25 rounds and 32 rounds and not 30 rounds like the MP5. The Long Range Recons (the specops) of the West German Army should also have the MP5A2 and A3 and also the British SAS. Maybe that should be corrected.

    • W0lle on April 21, 2019 at 02:02 said:

      As I told you before at least once:
      I have no more time to add any more stuff to the Mod. And the west german army expansion has already more units and vehicles than any other expansion. I will not turn this into another BW Mod.
      The G3A4/HK79 is not forgotten. I simply have no time nor interest to sit down for hours just to add another weapon.
      What BAS did in the OPF days is also completely irrelevant here.
      You want the LRRs with MP5s? addWeapon / addMagazine is your friend. 😉

      Once again, just so you get this: I work on this giant Mod all alone. And I have a day job that takes most of my day. This version already took more time than I had planned to invest and it’s still not complete. I will add nothing to CWR² anymore, not even a weapon or magazine.

      Oh and realism is the very last thing I don’t care about. I know very well how many rounds fit in a Uzi magazine, yet I decided that the Uzi in CWR² has 30 rounds. Deal with it. 🙂

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