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CWR² Missions and Campaigns
Campaign : 1985
Campaign : Resistance
CWR² Missions

Expansion Mission Packs
Cold War Rearmed² – Austrian Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – West German Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Danish Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Females Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Green Berets Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Italian Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Dutch Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Norwegian Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – East German Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Sahrani Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – UK Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – USMC Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – VDV Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – VMF Mission Pack
Cold War Rearmed² – Winter Mission Pack

Third Party Missions and Campaigns
Trip to Hell III Bushlurker Edition by W0lle
Band of Comrades by W0lle
CWR² COOP Pack by Sander
CWR² COOP Pack by VanhA
CWR² SP Mission Pack Remake by tom3kb
CWR² Standalone Islands COOP Pack by Sander
Domination Everon – 1985 Edition by Demon Cleaner
Graveland by W0lle
Kolgujev COOP Mission Pack by Sander
Kolgujev Invasion by Psychobastard
Mapfact COOP Pack by W0lle
Mapfact SP Pack by W0lle
Nebelreiter by W0lle
OFP Nostalgia Pack by W0lle
Operation Able Warrior by CimaleXXI
Operation Dragon’s Eye by CimaleXXI
Operation Lojack by W0lle
Operation Lumberjack Hill by CimaleXXI
Red Storm 1985 by CimaleXXI
Silent Rock by Psychobastard
Superpowers Warfare by [ASA]ODEN
Sympathy for the Devil by sethofchaos
Takistan Entrapment by CimaleXXI
The Great Escape by Domcho
Trinity COOP Mission Pack by Sander
Red Hammer Campaign by SHJ Sudio
ULOTC Campaign by CimaleXXI
Operation Mercury Campaign by SHJ Studio


  • Goa on June 12, 2016 at 19:14 said:

    Oh my god guys, this mod is superb.. this is real old style arma2/ofp which is the most and best ever gameplay!!! ARMA3 sux indeed as well so this is the only way for arma2 to survive…our only hope is that with next arma game BIS will get back to realistic weapons and stuff not the fantasy of arma3..
    Anyway I am so happy to have find this abosultely stunning mod, congrats to all of you guys!

  • Jon [Law-Giver] on January 4, 2017 at 18:22 said:

    Thanks guys, especially loving Superpowers Warfare by [ASA]ODEN. And special thanks to CWR2 for creating such an amazing mod, spectacular. 10/10

  • Batteriefuhrer on May 1, 2018 at 23:19 said:

    Good evening, our fellow CWR fans,

    just in case if anybody else still plays this excellent Mod,

    please note our new custom SP Pack for the CWR2 upcoming very soon:

    – good old OFP-style mission design;
    – intros, outros, overvievs, external sounds, and scripts;
    – custom voice-acting and radio traffic;
    – plenty of music;
    – full-fledged cutscenes for every mission;
    – intense combined-arms action;
    – support by armour, mortars, artillery, helicopters and fixed-wing;
    – an array of different military specialties for the player;
    – real-life tactics and SOPs (within the engine’s limitations, of course);
    – developed background story, based on the real-life military concepts of the 1980s;
    – the project lead is Nettrucker – author of Op Wayne Grey, Dong Xuan, and Hummer of Thor campaigns.

    Without false modesty – the missions are pretty atmospheric and fun to play.


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