West German Mission Pack

A mission pack by W0lle, OMAC and Marseille77 for the West German Expansion. So far it contains below missions: [SP] Battlefields [SP] Bomberman [SP] Clean Sweep 1 [SP] Combined Arms [SP] Commander [SP] Heavy Metal [SP] Iron Wall (original mission by TakeOffTim) [SP] Lone Wolf [SP] Rolling

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Austrian Mission Pack

Today we release a first mission pack by W0lle for the Austrian Forces Expansion. So far it contains below true classics: [SP] Kill them all [SP] Lone Wolf [SP] Shadow Killer [SP] Steal the car [MP] Lost Squad You can

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Fixed M60A3 Tank

Small fix for the M60A3 tank. We realized that there was no hidden selections support for the gunner view. So, if you add a custom desert texture, the barrel in the gunner view was always green. As always, you can grab the file from

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Fixed UAZ-451

Small fix for the UAZ-451 cause we noticed that there was no visible shadow for the wheels. You can grab the file from here.

SCUD Launcher updated

We added support for custom textures to our Scud launcher. This patch is required for the upcoming East German Army Expansion update. You can grab the file from our “nightly builds” page.

CWR² NVA Expansion

And yet another expansion from Marseille77 for CWR². The East German Army (aka National People’s Army) is joining the virtual battle for the Malden Islands. You can grab the Expansion as always from our Downloads page.

Austrian Armed Forces v1.02

One more update for the Austrians, last one hopefully! ADDED : UN Medic FIXED : Hitglass1-4 rpt warnings removed FIXED : Weapon holding anims optimized FIXED : Pinzgauer UN Textures mismatch in lower LODs FIXED : Parts of backpack where

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