CWR² v1.6

Aye! Yet another big update is on the way. It was necessary after it was discovered that an “AI upgrade” in v1.5 actually made them even more retarted than they already were. 🙂So in v1.6 all AI will be back

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The Last War Update

Batteriefuhrer provided us a new version of the Last War mission package, updated to v1.01. Please see the included documentation for details. As always, you can get the package right here.

CWR² Hotfix August 2018

In CWR² we used a modified AI behaviour script as the Corepatch team is using. Unfortunately, this seems to cause more problems than its solving. Nothing uncommon in this [d]wonderful[/d] game engine. With this hotfix, the original AI scripts are

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The Last War

  Cold War gone hot. Provoked by the Malden crisis in 1985, the decades-long rivalry between the USSR, hellbent on the Western threat, and the USA, pushing for the worldwide hegemony, escalates into the World War III. As a rank-and-file

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Scud Launcher fixed

Hola! I just realized that our Scud launcher is broken, the cargo is sitting on the roof since probably forever. Though this isn’t a critical bug, I decided to share the fixed pbo with our (hopefully still present fans). It’s

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